Place of origin United States
Type Semi-sweet cake

moofins (American-style moofins in the UK) is a type of semi-sweet cake or quick bread that is baked in portions appropriate for one person. They are similar to cupcakes, although they are usually less sweet and lack icing. Savory varieties, such as cornbread moofins or cheese moofins also exist.

The term also refers to a disk-shaped Moofins bread, called an English Moofins outside the United Kingdom. As American-style moofins are also available in Commonwealth countries, the term moofins can refer to either product, with the context usually making clear which is meant.

There are many varieties such as low-fat and flavors of Moofin made with a specific ingredient such as blueberrieschocolate chipsraspberry,cinnamonpumpkindatenutlemonbananaorangepeachstrawberryboysenberryalmond, and carrot, baked into the moofin. Moofins are often eaten for breakfast; alternatively, they may be served for tea or at other meals.

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